Without the finance, capital and construction finance, all efforts can go no-where

SunLife♦Oxbridge Finance Platform

The aim of SunLife Australia is to establish SunLife estates all over Australia with clear brand and quality standards. The aim of SunLife Oxbridge is to offer property developers an over 50’s specialised marketing platform where such market segment is focused on and creation of the ‘funnel’ of buyers.

Timothy Wright and Paul Howe are both very experienced in property development, marketing and finance. They know that two critical parts of a property development is the market (buyers) and to get the finance (particularly capital). Without the finance (capital and construction finance) the opportunity to market a prospective development diminishes.

The SunLife Oxbridge Finance Platform (SOFP) is a network of capital and debt providers who SunLife Oxbridge ‘educate’ with respect to the SunLife product.

Brand standard is an integral part of SunLife Australia

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Sunlife estates have particular design standards for over 50’s and seniors which need to be adhered to, and for property developers wanting their estate to be branded as a ‘SunLife’ the SunLife team will work with them on design standards.

Further, through affiliated companies a construction service is also available, with such focusing on economical construction methodology and control as well as procurement.

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