“The key is, no matter what story you tell, make your buyer the hero.”

Chris Brogan

Our brand

With strong demand across Australia for retirement living, the SunLife brand targets to cater to over 50s and 55s seeking a high-quality lifestyle with excellent  apartments and amenities, connection to a community, and ownership of their home, whether they be retirees or those still working full or part time seeking community.

The power, success and revenue optimisation of branding can be seen with many mega-organisations around the world.

The SunLife Australia® (SunLife) brand seeks to provide a solid foundation with a brand standard and brand recognition for property developers to optimise sales of their product where they elect to develop their site (or co-develop) as an over 50’s or over 55’s project. This applies whether such be Independent Living Apartments (ILA’s) or Independent Living Villas (ILV’s).

Currently, very few retirement communities provide residents with the option of owning their home, and there is a strong demand for an alternative to the common licence and lease retirement structures prevalent in the marketplace. While SunLife does not aim to provide ‘high care’ services we build relationships with a whole range of in-home care providers both government and private, an essential element in retirement communities and an important part of brand standard.

The SunLife Australia Difference


A brand standard for SunLife is that resident’s homes are well designed and meet disable requirements and enjoy ‘resort style’ community facilities.

The resort style facilities of a  SunLife development, depending on location and need and target  market can include:

Swimming pool, tennis, library, cinema and games room

Men’s and ladies arts and crafts and workshop

Security – a gated community with safety

Bookable meeting & function rooms to cater for those working and not working

Residents motel style rooms for guests and family

Caravan/trailer, boat, golf-cart parking where possible or arrangements with off-site facilities

Set down area for taxi/Uber/resident pickup & drop-off

Easy self-transport options

24hr management including dog walking & sitting, plant watering, & dry cleaning services

Parcel & mail delivery room

Resident Wi-Fi in all common recreation areas


The SunLife Australia brand not only seeks to foster a thriving and engaged community on its grounds, but to also connect with the wider community and the surrounding area.

SunLife residents have the opportunity to explore their area with ease and have support. Using this retirement community philosophy, which prizes quality and connection, the brand aim is to create a community spirit, common to all SunLife Australia developments. This will also allow the opportunity where those in different SunLife communities can undertake ‘exchange programs’ with their homes



SunLife Australia provides residents outright ownership of their property.

90% of retirement villages are structured under a licence or lease, rather than outright ownership. SunLife Australia is an alternative and provides:

Freehold title owned by the resident

No entry or exit fees

Security of tenure

Resale is managed by the resident

Superior financial outcome at the end of the occupation

Opportunity with the Invest Retire model

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Why is branding important?

Once a brand is known and has a reputation for delivering a high standard it opens doors to build trust in the marketplace and becomes a brand clients can rely on. This creates repeat clientele, organic referrals and the natural progression towards becoming a household name.

Branding can take away the guesswork and minimise the length of time that it takes a client to make a decision. This is due to an assumed standard/expectation associated with the brand and its ability to deliver.

What does the SunLife brand represent?

Quality, a focus on community facilities, and an understanding of the lifestyle that the over 50’s and over 55’s want to live and enjoy and delivering that product. The benefit of outright ownership of their home with purchasers in a SunLife development often considered in the ‘middle to upper’ echelon of the community.    

Creating a Point of difference based on listening to what purchasers in a SunLife project  want makes the SunLife brand more human and a ‘picture’  they can relate to it. This sets the SunLife brand apart. 

Why choose the SunLife Australia brand for your project?
  • Brand standards documented and the opportunity for brand recognition
  • Clear positioning in the market place – independent living – community – facilities
  • Marketing the benefits of ‘outright’ ownership of the property
  • Set aside from high-care and a focus on living and vitality
  • Planning with Invest Retire to optimise the market depth
  • Coordinate with SunLife Marketing and access to databases
  • Sell the benefit of the exchange program
  • Architectural and design plans
How long has the SunLife brand existed?

While we have been in property development for over 20 years the SunLife Australia brand is a relatively new brand. It was instigated by the success of a SunLife project near Canberra where there was a clear demand for ownership, no exit or entry fees and excellent community facilities.

Who is behind the SunLife brand and what is their experience?

Property developer Timothy Wright and his team are the engine behind the SunLIfe brand and have extensive experience in property development,  sales and marketing. 

Are there ongoing benefits for SunLife branded projects?

Yes – particularly if it is proposed to do further developments.

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What is the cost to be branded as a SunLife project?

This is evaluated on a case by case basis and what the needs and circumstances that the development is.

Are there other additional services that I can utilise other than SunLife branding?

Yes, our sales and marketing services & co-developer opportunities.

What is the process to brand my project?

Firstly to provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed development to SunLife Australia who will provide a check list of all initial key items to you.

How long does this take?

Case by case basis depending on the stage you are at with your development. Be assured, it will not be a delayed process from SunLife Australia perspective.

What if I want to add SunLife marketing on later, is this possible?

Yes – we encourage the full package to optimise benefit.

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